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Center for Near Eastern Studies

Students interested in the Middle East and North Africa are encouraged to participate in activities sponsored by the Center for Near Eastern Studies.

The Gustav E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies at UCLA encourages, coordinates and integrates instruction and research in the humanities and the social sciences, business, law, medicine and the media, and in all languages essential to an understanding of the Near East. The Center pioneered study and research pertaining to the large and diverse Middle East communities in the United States. CNES fosters public education programs and research projects of interest to the academic and professional communities and to the broader public in metropolitan Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

The Center serves as a conduit for contacts among scholars of the Middle East and the Islamic world. Visiting scholars can make use of UCLA's extensive research facilities, including a rare manuscript collection and library holdings that are the second largest in North America. The Near East Center is also an intellectual home for scholars from various academic institutions in California and for independent scholars who contribute to the regular program of colloquia, workshops, lectures, conferences and a variety of outreach activities sponsored year-round by the Center.

For more information, please visit the Center for Near Eastern Studies homepage.

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