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Middle Eastern American Studies: The Emergence of a Field

A public lecture by Mehdi Bozorgmehr, City University of New York - Graduate Center, delivered on November 26, 2007

Mehdi Bozorgmehr is Associate Professor of Sociology and founding Co-Director of the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center at the City University of New York - Graduate Center. His research interests include immigration, economic sociology, urban and Middle Eastern Americans. He is the co-editor of Ethnic Los Angeles, which won the best book award from the International Migration Section of the ASA in 1997, Middle Eastern Diaspora Communities in America, and Philanthropy among Middle Eastern Americans and Their Historical Traditions of Giving, as well as over 30 book chapters and articles.

A PDF version of the November 11, 2007 Los Angeles Times article regarding Middle Eastern Americans that Dr. Bozorgmehr refers to in his lecture is available for download below.

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