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The Social Bases of Reform and Anti-Reform: A Comparative Study of Ukraine and Russia

A public lecture by DAVID LANE, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

David Lane is an Emeritus Reader in Sociology and a member of Emmanuel College at the University of Cambridge. Educated at the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford (Nuffield College), he has taught at the Universities of Birmingham, where he was Professor of Sociology, and at Essex University. He has been a visiting professor at Cornell, Odense, Harvard, Sabanci (Istanbul), Graz, the Kennan Institute (Washington DC). He has visited and lectured at many universities and research institutes in the countries of the former USSR and eastern and central Europe. He has published widely on state socialist societies, the USSR, Marxism, class and social stratification; his current research focuses on transformation, globalization, ‘varieties of capitalism’, and the enlargement of the European Union.

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