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Jusur 2004 Conference Program: Limits of the Frontier

Tentative program.

Wednesday, April 7 (10-4) Kerckhoff Grand Salon

Panel 1 : Imperial Borders and Discourses of Civilization

  • Straughn: Managing the Border of Dar al-Islam: Archaeology and the Islamic Landscape in the Jund Qinassrin, North Syria
  • Huffaker: Representations of Ahmed Urabi in the British Press, 1881-82: Discourses of Imperialism and the Boundaries of Civilization

Panel 2 : Border Formation among Nation States

  • Atmaca: The Shaykh Ubeydullah Uprising in Hakkari Province , 1880
  • Ali: Comparing the "Northern Areas" of Pakistan with Azad Kashmir
  • Ozcan: Border Issues and Foreign Policy in Iraq

Panel 3 : Social Boundaries

  • Brame: Servants or Saints: A Paradox of Identity and Representation in the Discourse of the Zerzaya of Fez
  • Hallak: Spatial Boundaries and Privacy Patterns in Homes of Middle-Class Shaamy Immigrants in Montreal
  • Wagner: Situating Moroccan Tour Guides in the International Linguistic Market

Panel 4 : Modern Political /Religious Movements

  • Johnson: Lebanon 's Hizbullah and the Rhetorical Weapons of a Transformed Resistance
  • Mousa: Construction of the Public Sphere: An Act of Devotion ( Morocco and Sudan )

Thursday, April 8 (1-4) Kerckhoff Grand Salon

Panel 5 : Artistic Boundaries and Art in Borderland Communities

  • Ulaby: Arab Language Music Videos and the Mediation of Identity
  • Zona: Visual Representation of a Hunting Scene in Medieval Central Asia and Iran

Invited Speaker

  • Doris Bittar: Middle Eastern American Art

(6-8pm) Fowler Museum Courtyard

  • Musical Performance: Naser Musa and Souhail Kaspar, UCLA Near Eastern Ensemble
  • Reception

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