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Studying Modern Middle East History: Trajectories and Challenges

A public lecture by Zachary Lockman, New York University delivered on October 18, 2007

Zachary Lockman is Professor of Middle East Studies and History at New York University, as well as being the current President of the Middle East Studies Association. His research focuses on the socioeconomic, cultural and political history of the modern Middle East, particularly the Mashriq. His publications include: Contending Visions of the Middle East: The History and Politics of Orientalism (2004); Comrades and Enemies: Arab and Jewish Workers in Palestine, 1906-1948 (1996); Workers and Working Classes in the Middle East: Struggles, Histories, Historiographies (1993); and Workers on the Nile: Nationalism, Communism, Islam, and the Egyptian Working Class, 1882-1954, with Joel Beinin (1987).

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