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2007 Commencement Address:
Photo by Angilee Shah

2007 Commencement Address: "Your Focus Is the World"

Gen. Wesley K. Clark, (ret.), former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and Burkle Center Senior Fellow.

This podcast features UCLA Burkle Center Senior Fellow and retired Gen. Wesley K. Clark who delivered the 2007 International Institute commencement address, exhorting graduates to apply their learning about the world and to make their voices heard.

Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.), who for the past year has been a senior fellow for the UCLA Burkle Center, delivered the commencement address for the International Institute Graduation Ceremony on June 16, 2007. Clark was the supreme allied commander of NATO during the 1999 Kosovo conflict and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate.

"There are forces at work in human history that quietly are grinding away," Clark said. People who study international affairs, he said, are in a rare position to understand these forces and anticipate change.

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