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The Red Riviera: Gender, Tourism, and Postsocialism on the Black Sea

A book talk by author KRISTEN GHODSEE, Gender and Women's Studies, Bowdoin College

"The Red Riviera explores gendered inequalities in Bulgaria’s postsocialist tourist industry, focusing on the forces and factors that have enabled women, in particular, to dominate this sector. Kristen Ghodsee’s well-written study adds provocatively to debates on cultural capital and capitalism, gender, and postsocialist transformation." -- Gail Kligman

Kristen Ghodsee is Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at Bowdoin College and is currently based at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. Her research interests include Gender and Islam, postsocialist cultural studies, transnational feminism, economic development and transition, gender and development, and nongovernmental organizations.  In addition to her book, The Red Riviera: Gender, Tourism and Postsocialism on the Black Sea (Duke University Press, 2005) she has published in journals such as Signs, Gender and Women's Studies Quarterly, The International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society and L'Homme: Zeitschrift für Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft.

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