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European Studies Major and Minor Student Profiles

Profiles of current and former European Studies majors and minors.

The International Institute IDP Alumni Directory is designed to be a resource for current students who wish to see what International Institute alums did while at UCLA and what they do after obtaining their degree, as well as for alums to remain a part of the International Institute after graduation.

Current International Institute IDP students are welcome to participate even before they graduate. We want you to be able to share all of the wonderful things you do at UCLA, and then be able to update your information once you graduate.  **While visiting the Alumni Directory, please be sure add your own profile, which you can update at any time!**

Overall, we hope to continue to promote a strong sense of community among all International Institute IDP students, both present and past, which extends beyond the boundaries of our campus, and beyond the period spent attaining the degree at UCLA.

Click here to see the profiles of current and former European Studies majors and minors!

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