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New International Institute Student Association to Hold Open House January 28

New International Institute Student Association to Hold Open House January 28

Student association for majors in International Institute interdepartmental degree programs launched with Open House and ice cream social.

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The International Institute now has its own student association for participants in its 11 graduate and undergraduate degree programs. The new International Institute Student Association (IISA) is the official student group for all majors and minors in the International Institute (African Studies, East Asian Studies, European Studies, International Development Studies, Middle Eastern & North African Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies). The new student group is chaired by Nir Barazani Shafir and has five student board members, Fei Yang, Jimmy Rollins, Rachel Richardson, Alejandra Ponce de Leon, and Stacy Edgar.

The IISA will be hosting academic and social events revolving around various international issues. The group is sponsoring it first public event this Wednesday:

IISA Open House and Ice Cream Social
Wednesday, January 28th
Bunche 11377

In an email message, association Chairman Nir Barazani Shafir invited one and all to the open house: "Learn more about IISA, what we do and how to get involved! Talk with Prof. Andrew Apter (History, chair of African Studies, and instructor for the class International Development Studies 100A), and Prof. Ann-Christina Knudsen (History, chair of European Studies)! Meet other people majoring and minoring in programs through the International Institute!Enjoy free ice cream and Diddy Reese cookies!"

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The IISA has a temporary website up at:

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