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EAP 2006 Photo Contest Winners

EAP 2006 Photo Contest Winners

The winners and honorable mentions from the EAP 2006 Photo Contest

Congratulations to our Photo Contest winners! We will be displaying all of our entries, with titles and descriptions, on our website and in the EAP Office.

From Top Left:

  • First Place, Harajuku's Mad Hatress
    Eric Williams
  • Second Place, Mirada infantil en Cobá (Child look in Coba)
    Emily Montserrat Castro Prieto
  • Third Place, Though the Fields
    Linda Qian
  • Honorable Mention, Camel-Riding During Sunset in Marrakesh
    Anna Chan
  • Honorable Mention, Niños de la Paz (La Paz Children)
    Emily Montserrat Castro Prieto
  • Honorable Mention, (Not Pictured) The Artist, Cassidy Liu

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