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Top Administrators of Ewha University Consult UCLA on Business Operations Planning

Top Administrators of Ewha University Consult UCLA on Business Operations Planning

Managers of leading South Korean women's university ask for consultation to plan their business and information technology reorganization.

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Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea, founded in 1886, is the largest women's university in the world, with 140,000 alumni and 21,000 students. Ewha has a long history of common work with UCLA, including collaboration on a large study project on the comparative status of women in Korea and the United States in 1989. In early September Ewha's President In-Ryung Shin wrote to Chancellor Carnesale asking for  UCLA's help in planning a reorganization of Ewha's business and information technology model. As a result of that reqest Ewha's Dean of Information and Communications, Ki Joon Chae, and seven top managers arrived in Westwood October 7 for two days of meetings with some of UCLA's leading administrators.

Some of the goals of Ewha's planned reorganization include installation of a campuswide web-based information system, and streamlining their business practices. In addition to talks with UCLA officials the delegation sought to benchmark UCLA's information technology services, including registration, web services, student and faculty services, and other business agencies.

Ewha set up a committee to plan their reorganization, which they have called the Information Strategy Planning Project. They asked for a wide-ranging inspection tour of the UCLA Student Affairs office, Academic Personnel, the Office of Research Administration, Contracts and Grants, Facilities Management, Corporate Financial Services, the Campus Service Enterprise, AIS (Adminisrative Information Systems), Purchasing, Human Resources, and the administration of the College of Letters and Science.

On their first day here the Ewha visitors met in the morning with Susan Abeles, assistant vice chancellor in charge of Business and Financial Services and Lubbe Levin, assistant vice chancellor for UCLA Campus Human Resources. In the afternoon they had discussions with Mitra Ashtari, director of Student Affairs; Dr. Vu Tran, director of Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools; and RobRodgers, assistant director of the Office of Instructional Development. The following day the met with Andrew Neighbour, associate vice chancellor and director of the Office of Research Administration.

In addition the Korean study team toured a number of campus facilities. Their stay on the campus was hosted by the International Institute's International Visitors Bureau. The members of the delegation were:

Ki Joon Chae
Dean, Office of Information and Communications
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Hyo Gun Kym
Professor, Dept. of Business Administration

Myung-Hee Yoon
Manager, Office of University Planning and Coordination

Yong Seu Lee
Manager, Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs

Hwa Kyung Chung
Manager, Office of Information and Communications

Jin Hyeon Kim
Quality Advisor, ISP/BPR Project / Business Analyst, LG CNS

Seunghye Sohn
Project Manager, ISP/BPR Project / Consultant, LG CNS

Dong Woo Lee
BPR team leader, ISP/BPR Project / Consultant, LG CNS


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