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IDS Major Earns Scholarship for International Study

IDS Major Earns Scholarship for International Study

IDS Major Diana Ross (class of '99) was recently awarded the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship by Rotary International's Westwood Village chapter.

Diana plans to study at a university in Cairo, Egypt after she graduates from UCLA, possibly using her study experiences there as the foundation for a Master's degree. Rotary Scholarships, designed to further international understanding and goodwill, provide for academic or vocational study abroad in one of the 184 countries and geographical regions where Rotary Clubs are located. Each district determines how it wishes to use its allocated funds in Foundation programs. Funding allocations to a district is a function of contributions that the Rotarians of the district have made to the foundation.

It is expected that Academic-year Ambassadorial Scholarships for one academic year abroad will cover round-trip transportation, required academic fees for a normal course load, reasonable living costs, some educational supplies, one-month of brush-up intensive language training before commencing academic studies (if needed and assigned by the foundation), and perhaps limited educational travel and contingency expenses. (Definite funding information is available from Rotary Club publications).

The one-year scholarship is not necessarily degree-oriented. Multi-year Rotary Foundation Scholarships for two or three years, and Cultural Scholarships for three or six months, are not offered by Rotary District 5280 (Westwood Village). Applicants must have completed two years of university work or professional work experience before starting scholarship studies. Scholars may be of any age (over 18) and may be married, but spouses are not provided for. Rotarians, their spouses or direct relatives of Rotarians may not apply. Understandably, the awards are very competitive.

More information on the Rotary Ambassadorial scholarship is available at the UCLA EXPO Center, 109 Kerkhoff Hall, (310) 825-0831. George Dea -- Asst. Dean of the UCLA School of Theater Film & Television -- is Rotary's "man on campus," with the EXPO Center as the principal point of contact for students interested in the scholarship throughout the year. Although, the information now shown on the Westwood Rotary Club's Website relates to the application period which ended recently, the information remains essentially the same from year to year. They plan to update the site for next year's application dates and informational meetings around the start of the new academic year.

Links to more information: Info page on the Westwood Rotary Club's Ambassadorial Scholarship.

Westwood Village Rotary Club homepage.
Rotary contacts at UCLA & in Westwood:
email: George Dea, Asst. Dean of the School of Theatre, Film & Television.
email: Dick Littlestone, web master for Westwood Rotary Club.

Information in this article comes directly from the Westwood Village Rotary Club's "Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships for 1999-2000" informational handout sheet. The Rotary symbol above is linked directly from the Rotary International Web Site, and may not be used for commercial purposes. More information on appropriate uses and restrictions regarding the Rotary Emblem. IDS wishes to thank Asst. Dean George Dea of the School of Theatre, Film and Television. The Westwood Rotary Club meets regularly on Thursdays at 12:15 at the Bel Air Hotel. IDS majors should give special consideration to applying for the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, since it provides opportunities for international study and field experience that is highly desired in international development professions.

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