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International Institute Sponsors Six Faculty Projects

The next round of applications for mid-sized UCLA faculty grants—for globally oriented teaching, research, and outreach—is due on April 15, 2006.

The UCLA International Institute has awarded six mid-sized grants to UCLA faculty to pursue internationally oriented, often collaborative research projects on topics including eighteenth-century Spanish and American musical theater, the building of computer-based language corpora to teach Chinese, and the exhange of new ideas in art, fashion, and food between Los Angeles and Tokyo. The largest award will help professors to launch the online UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology. The grants, ranging in size from $3,000 to $9,600, are designed to cover travel and other research expenses or the costs of holding conferences and symposiums.

These faculty grants advance teaching, research, and outreach consistent with the Institute's mission of educating global citizens. The Institute plans to announce another round of awards late in the spring. The application deadline is April 15, 2006.

Recipients of the winter-quarter grants are:

  • Associate Professor Adrian Favell, Sociology, for "Made in Translation: L.A.-Tokyo Mobility Networks & the Emergence of 'Offshore' Japanese Cultural Industries in Art, Fashion, and Food";
  • Associate Professor Elisabeth Le Guin, Musicology, and Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies Director Peter Reill, for an October 2006 conference on "Musical Theater and Identity in 18th-Century Spain & America";
  • Professor Claudia Parodi-Lewin, Spanish and Portuguese, for graduate students' travel to conference in Seville, Spain, to present work related to project entitled "Visions of the Encounter of Two Worlds in America: Language, Culture, Translation, and Transculturation at the Beginning of the Spanish Colonization and Afterwards";
  • Associate Professor William Summerhill, History, for "Politics, Institutions, and Sovereign Debt: The Case of Chile, 1820–1900";
  • Associate Professor Hongyin Tao, Asian Languages and Cultures, for two-day, June 2007 "Symposium on New Advancements in Computer Corpora for Chinese Language Research and Teaching";
  • and Associate Professor Willeke Wendrich and Assistant Professor Jacco Dieleman, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, for "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ancient Egypt," a March 25, 2006, workshop with public lectures marking the start of the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology.

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