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Institute Showcases K-12 Outreach at L.A. Times Book Festival

Institute Showcases K-12 Outreach at L.A. Times Book Festival

Thousands visit Institute outreach table during annual UCLA event.

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Books read by precollegiate educators enrolled in the UCLA International Institute-sponsored Teachers As Scholars (TAS) program, along with information about the numerous precollegiate outreach activities promoted by the Institute, were featured for the second year at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, held in association with UCLA April 26-27, 2003. A booth dedicated to the University's K-12 outreach activities and the UCLA in LA mission featured a broad display of materials from the Institute and other academic and professional units involved in this endeavor, including the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, National Center for History in the Schools, the Fowler Museum of Cultural History, and University Extension.

Thousands of teachers, parents, students, and book enthusiasts strolled through the booth, inquiring about the many resources and educational and professional opportunities offered by the International Institute and UCLA at large. The Institute table showcased a collection of books read as part of the TAS seminar on The End of Childhood: International Perspectives. The featured books included Girl with a Pearl Earring (Tracy Chevalier), Cry of the Peacock (Gina B. Nahai), Notes from the Hyena's Belly (Nega Mezlekia), Habibi (Naomi Shihab Nye), and Paradise (Elena Casteedo).

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