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Russell N. Campbell

Russell N. Campbell

September 5, 1927 - March 30, 2003

Russell (Russ) Campbell, Professor of Applied Linguistics since 1964, was director of the UCLA International Institute's Language Resource Center that he created in 1989. He was a world authority on language immersion, language training and in the last 10-15 years an advocate of establishing heritage language pedagogy.

Russ Campbell was at the forefront of the heritage language acquisition movement participating in organizing the first national conference on heritage language in 1999 and the second conference in 2002. He also convened a Research Priorities Conference at UCLA in the Fall 2000 to establish the parameters of the emerging field. Russ was on the editorial board of this journal and was preparing an article for the first issue.

For all of these reasons and because he was our friend, colleague, and mentor, we dedicate this first issue of the journal to his memory.

Russell N. Campbell, September 5, 1927-March 30, 2003

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