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Winter 2006 UCLA East Asian Studies Courses

From Anthropology to World Arts and Cultures

Subject Class Class Title Instructor Schedule
Anthro 9 Culture and Society  Yunxiang, Y. TR  12:30P-1:45P 
Anthro 175S Japan Tamanoi, M. TR  8:00A-9:15A 
Art His 114C Japanese Art McCallum, D.F. TR  9:30A-10:45A 
Art His C115C Advanced Japanese Art Lee, H. TR  2:00P-3:15P 
Art His 260B Chinese Art Lee, H. W  3:00P-5:00P 
Art His 260C  Japanese Art McCallum, D.F. W  1:00P-2:50P 
Asian  60 Introduction To Buddhism Silk, J.A. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Asian  98T Technology & Culture in East Asia  Son, M.S./Duncan, J. T  1:00P-3:50P 
Asian  161 Buddhist Literature in Translation Bodiford, W.M. TR  9:30A-10:45A 
Asian  375 Teaching Apprentic Practicum   Unscheduled
Asian  496E Computer Technology for Teaching College-Level East Asian Langs. The Staff R  4:00P-5:50P 
Chin  2 Elementary Modern Chinese Fu., M.M. 3 Lectures:                TR  12:00P-12:50P;    TR  1:00P-1:50P;       TR  2:00P-2:50P 
Chin  2A Elementary Modern Chinese for Advanced Beginners Yao, Y.  3 Lectures:                TR  10:00A-10:50A;    TR  11:00A-11:50A;    TR  12:00P-12:50P  
Chin  5 Intermediate Modern Chinese Shen, Y. 3 Lectures:                MWF  12:00P-12:50P; MWF  1:00P-1:50P;    MWF  2:00P-2:50P 
Chin  5A Intermediate Modern Chinese for Advanced Students Sun, X. 2 Lectures:                TR  10:00A-10:50A;    TR  10:00A-10:50A 
Chin  6C Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers Sun, X. MTWR  12:00P-12:50P 
Chin  100B Advanced Modern Chinese Huters, T. 2 Lectures:                MW  12:00P-12:50P;    MW  1:00P-1:50P  
Chin  101B Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese Tao, H. MW  11:00A-11:50A 
Chin  110B Introduction to Classical Chinese Strassberg, R.E. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Chin  120 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics Tao, H. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Chin  C150A Lyrical Traditions Schaberg, D.C. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Chin  155 Topics in Chinese Cinema Wang, Y. TR  3:30P-4:45P 
Chin  C160 Chinese Buddhism Silk, J.A. TR  2:00P-3:15P 
Chin  230A Seminar: Selected Topics in Modern Chinese Literature Huters, T. M  3:00P-5:50P 
Chin  295B Seminar: Selected Topics in Chinese Cultural History Chou, H.H. Unscheduled
Com Std 184 Advanced Asia Media Systems: Laboratory Plate, T. W  5:00P-6:50P 
Comp Lit 1D Great Books from the World at Large Williams Hyman, E. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Ethnomu 20C Musical Cultures Of The World: ASIA Rees, H.M. TR  1:00P-2:50P 
Ethnomu 91D World Music Performance Organization: Music of China Li, C. Various
Ethnomu 91J World Music Performance Organization: Music of Korea Kim, D.D. Various
Ethnomu 161D Advanced World Music Performance Organizations: Music of China Li, C. Various
Ethnomu 161J Advanced World Music Performance Organizations: Music of Korea Kim, D.D. Various
Ethnomu 193 Music and Politics in East Asia  Rees, H.M. M  1:00P-2:50P 
Hist 11B History of China: 1000 to 1950 Garavente, A.J. MWF  11:00A-11:50A 
Hist 97G Chinese Migration Since 1800 Teng, H./Rapp, C. 2 Seminars:                T  3:00P-5:50P;           W  1:00P-3:50P 
Hist 97I Tradition and Modernity in Chinese Medicine  Suh, S./Rapp, C. 2 Seminars:                 W  10:00A-12:50P;        T  10:00A-12:50P 
Hist 172B Japanese History: Early Modern, 1600 to 1868 Ooms, H. MWF  10:00A-10:50A 
Hist 172C Japanese History: Modern, 1868 to the Present Vanderbilt, G. TR  12:30P-1:45P 
Hist 191G Japan at War/Japan Remembering War Vanderbilt, G. W  1:00P-3:50P 
Hist 191G Shanghai's New Culture, 1895 to 1937  Von Glahn, R. T  2:00P-4:50P 
Hist 282B Seminar: Chinese History Von Glahn, R. M  2:00P-4:50P 
Hist 285B Seminar: Japanese History Ooms, H. M  12:00P-2:50P 
Japan 2 Elementary Modern Japanese Sugamoto, N.    Sugamoto, N.      Kawanishi, Y.      3 Lectures:                 TR  11:00A-11:50A;    TR  12:00P-12:50P;    TR  1:00P-1:50P 
Japan 5 Intermediate Modern Japanese Yamada, O./Nogami, Y. 4 Lectures:                TR  11:00A-11:50A/ MWF  10:00A-10:50A;   TR  11:00A-11:50A/ MWF  11:00A-11:50A;   TR  1:00P-1:50P/ MWF  12:00P-12:50P;          TR  1:00P-1:50P/ MWF  1:00P-1:50P 
Japan 50 Japanese Civilization Nishimura, Y./Duncan, J. TR  2:00P-3:15P 
Japan 100B Advanced Modern Japanese Hayashi, A./TA 3 Lectures:                MW  10:00A-10:50A/ TR  11:00A-12:15P;      TR  12:30P-1:45P/ MW  11:00A-11:50A;          TR  12:30P-1:45P/ MW  12:00P-12:50P 
Japan 101B Advanced Readings in Modern Japanese Lippit, S.M. TR  1:00P-2:15P 
Japan 110 Introduction to Classical Japanese Marra, M.F. WF  10:00A-11:15A 
Japan M120 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics Kawanishi, Y. MW  12:30P-1:45P 
Japan 140C Readings in Classical Japanese Literature: Edo Marra, M.F. F  2:30P-5:20P 
Japan 151 Japanese Literature in Translation: Modern Rimer, J.T. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Japan 161 Religious Life in Modern Japan Bodiford, W.M TR  2:00P-3:15P 
Japan C177 Introduction to Modern Japanese Aesthetics Rimer, J.T./Marra, M.F. WF  12:00P-1:15P 
Japan 235A Seminar: Selected Topics in Modern Japanese Fiction TBA R  3:00P-5:50P 
Japan 243 Translation Workshop: PreModern Japanese Texts TBA TBA
Japan C277 Introduction to Modern Japanese Aesthetics Marra, M.F. WF  12:00P-1:15P 
Korea 2 Elementary Modern Korean Sohn, S.S./TA TR  10:00A-10:50A 
Korea 2A Elementary Modern Korean - Heritage Speakers Park, M. 2 Lectures:                TR  10:00A-10:50A;     TR  1:00P-1:50P 
Korea 5 Intermediate Modern Korean Park, M. MW  11:00A-11:50A 
Korea 5A Intermediate Korean for Korean Speakers Kim, J. 3 Lectures:                TR  11:00A-12:15P/ MW  10:00A-10:50A;           TR  11:00A-12:15P/ MW  11:00A-11:50A;    TR  11:00A-12:15P/ MW  11:00A-11:50A  
Korea 100B Advanced Modern Korean Jung, Y. MW  9:00A-10:50A/ R  11:00A-11:50A  
Korea 101B Advanced Readings in Modern Korean Jung, Y. TR  12:30P-1:45P 
Korea 102B Advanced Korean Conversation Kim, J. MW  1:00P-2:15P 
Korea 103B Readings in Sino-Korean Characters Hong, J.M.        Yoon, J.E. 2 Lectures:                  TR  9:00A-10:15A        TR  12:30P-1:45P 
Korea C105B Reading Korean Academic Texts Yoon, J.E. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Korea 106B Superior Korean Lee, N. MW  9:00A-11:50A 
Korea 107B Professional/Academic Korean Hong, J.M. 2 Lectures:                  TR  11:00A-12:15P      TR  12:30P-1:45P 
Korea 150 Korean Literature in Translation: Classical Lee, P.H. TR  9:30A-10:45A 
Korea 165 Introduction to Korean Buddhist Texts Buswell, R.E./TA MW  2:00P-3:50P 
Korea 180A Cultural History of Korea: Through 1259 Jung-Kim, J.J. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Korea 183 Korean Folklore Tangherlini, T.R. TR  2:00P-3:15P 
Korea 191B Variable Topics Seminar: Contemporary Korean Society and Culture Lee, N. M  1:00P-3:50P 
Korea C205B Reading Korean Academic Texts Yoon, J.E. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Korea 212 19th-Century Korea Duncan, J. R  2:00P-4:50P 
Korea 215 Korean Literary History Lee, P.H. T  1:00P-3:50P 
Korea 296A Seminar: Topics in Modern Korean Cultural History Lee, N. T  2:00P-4:50P ROYCE  
Mgmt 444B/FLD 17 Applied Management Research Leamer, E.E. Unscheduled
Mgmt 454 Fieldwork in Organizations Sakakibara, M. Unscheduled
Ling M116 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics Kawanishi, Y. MW  12:30P-1:45P 
Poli Sci 139 Foreign Relations of North and South Korea  Suh, D. TR  2:00P-3:50P 
Poli Sci 159A Government and Politics of China: Chinese Revolution and Age of Mao Zedong Baum, R.D. TR  11:00A-12:15P 
Poli Sci 160 Government and Politics of Japan Thies, M.F. MW  2:00P-3:50P 
Poli Sci 191D Political Economy of Reform in Post-Mao China  Baum, R.D. W  5:00P-7:50P 
Poli Sci 191D Playing Politics  Thies, M.F. R  1:00P-3:50P 
Poli Sci 242 Chinese and East Asian Politics Baum, R.D. W  5:00P-7:50P 
Pub Plc 191A U.S.-China Relations: Current Political and Economic Issues  Wang, R.S. T  2:00P-4:50P 
Theater 102E Theater of Non-European World Harter, P.M. TR  12:00P-1:20P 
Theater  210 World Theater & Drama Sorgenfrei, C. M  3:00P-3:50P 
Wld Art 10 Beginning Dance of China  Wu, J./Yu, C. MW  1:00P-2:20P 
Wld Art 10 Beginning Dance of Korea  Yang, J./Mitoma, J.M. TR  1:00P-2:20P 
Wld Art 10 Beginning Tai Chi  Lung, D.C. MW  4:30P-5:50P 

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