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Scandinavian or Scandinavian Languages Major/Minors

Information for Scandinavian or Scandinavian Languages Majors and Minors.

Where to go

To a Scandinavian country, naturally! EAP courses in Scandinavian languages are currently offered in both Denmark and Sweden. Check out the following links to learn more:

In addition, the UC Education Abroad Program offers three special features to help you choose the right program.

  • The Program Wizard can help you find possible programs of interest.
  • The Coursefinder database includes descriptions of all courses taken by UC students while on EAP programs. Please note that it does not include all courses offered by the host university, only those that have been taken and submitted for approval by UC students.
  • An up-to-date list of pre-approved EAP courses will soon be available.

What classes to take

All classes taken on the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) are UC approved courses and count toward your 180 unit requirement for graduation; however, your major/minor department has the final authority to determine how the coursework is used to fulfill specific major requirements.

Courses are approved on a case by case basis and generally used for elective credit. Before going abroad, students should discuss with the department advisor which EAP courses the department will approve for credit toward a major or minor.

EAP Coursework Guidelines for Scandinavian Languages Major/Minor

Note: the following guidelines are subject to change. Please see your major/minor advisor for up-to-date information.

EAP Unit Limits for Major/Minor

  • Total number of EAP Units that can be used to fulfill first-year language requirements: 15 units
  • Total number of EAP Units that can be used to fulfill second-year (intermediate or advanced) language requirements: 10 units

Department of Germanic Languages Contact

Kerry Allen
Undergraduate Advisor
Office: 212 Royce Hall
Telephone: (310) 825-1147
Department website

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