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Getting Credit for EAP Courses at UCLA

All courses taken on EAP are approved by the UC Academic Senate and will transfer back automatically to your UCLA transcript and count toward the 180 units needed for graduation.

The Basics

  • Course titles, units, and grades will appear on your transcript and grades will count in your overall GPA.
  • Whether an EAP course satisfies a major, minor, college, or school requirement is up to the department, college or school, and policies vary.
  • Only the advisors in your department and college or school can determine if an EAP course will be accepted to fulfill their requirements.

How to determine which EAP Courses might count for Major/Minor or College/School Requirements:

  1. Talk to your departmental counselor about your major or minor department's policy on accepting EAP courses to fulfill requirements. Some departments have information about EAP policies on their websites as well. For college or school general education requirements, ask your college or school advisor.
  2. Once you understand what courses to look for (i.e., upper or lower division, certain number of units, particular content), see:
    1. the Course Finder search engine on EAP's website:
      All courses taken by EAP students in the past 5 years are included. You can click on a course title to see a brief course description. (Note: The courses listed on-line are only a small subset of the courses offered at most of EAP's partner institutions.) Once you're on a screen of course listings, scroll to the bottom right corner to see if there is a "next" button for more courses on the next screen.
    2. the catalogs of the university(-ies) you might attend and photocopy any information you find there about courses that interest you. This may be a short course description or only a course title, depending on the catalog's format. Be aware that course numbering in foreign catalogs does not correspond to UC course numbering! Course catalogs for many partner institutions are now available online. Click on Web Links from any program description page on
    3. the homepage of your intended university. From EAP's website you can access all available homepages of EAP's partner institutions. (Some information written in Asian languages will require translation devices that are not installed on our computers.) If you find further information about courses via the internet, print it out.
  3. Take information about potential courses abroad to your major, minor, and college or school advisers and discuss how they view the courses you found. No department or college will guarantee before departure that a particular course abroad will fulfill a particular requirement. Most departments, however, will guide you toward courses most likely to fulfill requirements. Ask them if you are on the right track in your search for such courses. Once abroad, we encourage you to keep in touch via e-mail with your advisors to ask their opinion about the actual courses that you want to take.
  4. When you return to UCLA after EAP, bring with you all evidence (syllabi, exams, projects, papers, etc.) of work that you did for your courses because your advisors will want to evaluate it before granting credit for requirements. Carry this material with you on your return flight AND mail a set of copies to California so you'll be sure that one set arrives safely. This information is too valuable to lose!

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