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UCLA Offers Joint Spring Quarter Class with Tel Aviv University

UCLA Offers Joint Spring Quarter Class with Tel Aviv University

Joint course to use videoconferencing to study Israel and America: Political, Religious, and Social Issues.

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This spring will see the second in a series of courses taught simultaneously by Dr. Fredelle Spiegel at UCLA and Prof. Eyal Naveh at Tel Aviv University. Funded by a grant from the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, these courses include joint readings that are discussed on videoconferences held between the two class sites. UCLA students are able to discuss issues of mutual concern with their counterparts at TAU both on email and through the videoconferences.

A similar course last fall focused on early Zionist history in both countries as well as on political and religious theories. The Spring Quarter class will concentrate on more contemporary issues including the role of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East (with guest lectures by Prof. Steven Spiegel), especially as it affects the Israel-Palestinian conflict; the changes in Israeli and American domestic politics as these relate to the conflict; the relationships between American Jews and Israeli Jews, including the question of influence of each political and religious community on the other. This course is interdisciplinary, and is being offered in both the Jewish Studies Department and the Honors Collegium. The Fall and Spring quarter classes may be taken separately. Neither has a prerequisite.

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