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Leeds International Film Festival

This article was written by Janet Cheng, a Communications/Sociology major at UCLA who lived in Leeds, England and contributed to the Travel Guide Urban Lowdown.

Every autumn in October, the city of Leeds plays host to the Leeds International Film Festival. For ten days, the city brings together films from all over the world, including the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Korea, and Japan, just to name a few countries.

The films range from animation to dramas and comedies, all featured in various cinemas throughout the city. Buying tickets in advance can save one loads of money (such as the buy 5 tickets for the price of 4). Not only do you get to watch great films, but you also get to enjoy a bit of culture from around the world, and even get the chance to meet directors and writers! A definite must-see for those foreign film fanatics.

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