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Adam & Eve - The Oldest Pub in Norwich (and maybe England!)

This article was written by Erica Sin, a Communications and Business Economics major at UCLA who lived in East Anglia/Norwich, United Kingdom and contributed to the Travel Guide Urban Lowdown.

Come on now, you can't come to Norwich and not experience the oldest pub here! I was actually told that it was the oldest pub in all of England, but I'm not quite sure if that's actually true or not. The pub is located in Tombland, right down the street from the cathedral, and it's a wonderful walk from the center of town to the pub.

As soon as you walk in, it's exactly what you would picture a typical English pub to look like - low ceilings, dark lighting, and cozy spaces which create an ambience that matches its history.

Apparently it was built around 1248 (now that's got history, you gotta admit it) and has a nice pub-esque feeling to it. The mood is generally mellow (a nice change from the union bar on the UEA campus), and is the perfect place to hang out with some friends over a few pints.

Pricewise, it is more expensive than some pubs, but the rich history of the place makes up for it. There is a little information plaque on the wall right when you walk in, so you can see exactly where this quaint little pub came from.

Like I said, you can't come to Norwich and not experience the oldest pub. Even if you're not a beer person, it's just too damn cool to pass up.

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