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Spanish and French in a Global Culture

A ten-day workshop for teachers of Spanish and French summer held on July 23 – August 4, 2005.

From their origins in southwest Europe, Spanish and French have become truly international languages. The colonial legacy of Spain and France contributed much to spreading these languages throughout the world, from Senegal, Algeria and Lebanon to the Philippines, Vietnam, Cuba and Canada. In the United States, both Spanish and French are ingrained in the cultural and educational landscapes of this multicultural society. Many of the immigrant students who populate our schools come from nations where either Spanish or French is spoken.

The objective of this intensive summer workshop is to enrich the instruction of Spanish and French by providing content and materials that will help teachers of these commonly taught languages make clear to their students the importance of these languages both in history and in the emerging global culture.

Demonstration of innovative approaches and discussion of content and resources will enable teachers and students to embrace the cultural diversity and multiplicity of expressions that have come to define these Romance languages and their use in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Americas. Understanding how the cultures of various nations connect will better prepare students to study foreign languages, literature and history at the university level, while advancing their career pursuits in education and research, business, media, and community and foreign service.

For accreditation (4 LAUSD salary credits or 4 University Extension quarter units), participants are expected to actively engage in the academic and educational discourse and to produce a critical essay dealing with the content and its application to their teaching. Teachers can apply online for enrollment in the workshop. The $125 fee includes registration and accreditation, parking, refreshments, UCLA library card and educational materials.

Sponsors: funded in part by a grant from the US Department of Education

For more info please contact:
Vera Wheeler
(310) 825-4060

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