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Global Impact Research

The UCLA International Institute (formerly ISOP) is pleased to announce its new Global Impact Research initiative.

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Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett
September 9, 2002

The initiative is designed to address the major issues confronting the world, including:

  • Security beyond traditional inter-state conflict;
  • The cultural, economic and political consequences of globalization;
  • New forms of governance and co-ordination, whether governmental, non-governmental or private spheres;
  • Transnational cultures, multiple identities and the changing parameters of civil society;
  • The environment, public health and economic development.

The first Global Impact Research programs will be funded beginning January 1, 2003. A second competition will be announced in the winter of 2003 for the selection of additional research programs to begin July 1, 2003. Each Global Impact Research program will be funded for 3 years with a maximum total level of support for each program of $200,000.

Research Program Guidelines

Research programs will:

  • Be organized by (5 or fewer) UCLA ladder faculty members, one of whom will act as program leader. All programs must involve UCLA students (undergraduate and/or graduate) directly in their research activities. Faculty from outside UCLA may be involved in research programs where this is central to the programs’ core objectives.
  • Undertake cutting-edge research on international issues analyzing more than one region of the world or, if focusing on only one region, analyzing problems that are of direct relevance to other parts of the globe.
  • Produce working papers, refereed journal articles, university press books and other forms of publication; disseminate results to broader audiences (through conferences, public lectures, etc.); and, generate curricular innovations at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels.

Funding from the International Institute may be spent on any legitimate activities supporting the intellectual agendas of the programs, excluding academic year salary, release of faculty from teaching commitments, and the payment of tuition or other fees for students. Institute staff will support Global Impact Research programs.

The application process comprises two phases:

  1. Letters of intent (max. 2 pages, single spaced) should be sent to the UCLA International Institute by October 15, 2002. 
  2. Authors of selected letters of interest will be invited (by November 1) to submit full proposals for the establishment of Global Impact Research programs. Full proposals will contain: no more than 10 pages (double-spaced) of text; a complete list of and time line for deliverables (publications, public events and courses); a full budget for each of the three years of proposed funding (including relationships to other sources of funding -- received, pending and proposed); CVs for the proposed program director and other members of the research team. Full proposals are due November 30.

Program winners will be announced by December 15. The Advisory Committee of the International Institute will assist the Vice Provost on the selection of Global Impact Research programs.

Contact Information
Send inquiries and letters of interest (attached as MS Word or PDF files) via email to:

Phone inquiries: Shari Sepanlou, 310-825-4921

For more information on Global Impact Research or the UCLA International Institute, go to



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