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Asia Project Grants

Henry Luce Foundation


The Asia Project Grants provide opportunities to improve understanding between the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. These grants typically support advanced scholarship, create new resources, or promote the exchange of ideas and information between Americans and Asians.

Recent grants have included -- but are not limited to -- support for:

    • Asian studies at the undergraduate level
    • Language training
    • Library development
    • Southeast Asian studies
    • Asian art studies and art exhibitions
    • Cultural conservation
    • Faculty development
    • Leadership and scholarly exchange
    • Policy studies
    • Research on the history of Christianity in China and other parts of Asia

Examples of programs supported by the foundation include: ASIANetwork, a consortium of liberal arts colleges in the U.S., works to improve the study of Asia by undergraduate students. The Asian Studies Development Program, a joint program of the University of Hawai'i and the East-West Center, increases American understanding of Asia through college and university faculty development. The Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute is a nine-week intensive language training program for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals. Instruction is typically offered in Burmese, Hmong, Indonesian, Javanese, Khmer, Lao, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese. The China Historical Geographic Information System is an international collaboration to create a database of Chinese administrative hierarchies and boundaties for different periods of Chinese history and provide a base GIS platform enabling researchers to collect and share data that has a spatial element, compare data according to the same standard and, through digital maps, trace historical change.

Asia Project Grants are limited to the humanities and social sciences and are typically for longer-term programs or projects that respond to critial needs in the field of Asian studies. Most awards are made to United States-based universities and organizations dealing with the countries and cultures of East and Southeast Asia.

Requests for funding may be submitted for consideration at any time during the year. There is no category of support for individual research or travel projects, publications, translation, or film, video or media projects, and funding is not generally provided for conferences.

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