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School of Criticism and Theory Summer 2005 Session

The School of Criticism and Theory (SCT) at Cornell University

Program Overview

The School of Criticism and Theory (SCT) at Cornell University is accepting applications for its Summer 2005 session. In an intense six-week course of study, faculty members and graduate students from around the world, in literature, the arts, the humanities and related social sciences, explore recent developments in literary and humanistic studies.

The session runs from June 19 to July 29, 2005. UCLA is part of a "preferred participant" fellowship program of the SCT, in which UCLA will provide the tuition for any graduate student or faculty member designated as a "preferred participant" by the university. In turn, that person will be guaranteed admission to the SCT session. Specific information regarding seminar themes and dates can be obtained from the SCT's website:


Please submit a CV and one-page description of your current scholarly interests and plans, including their relevance to this year's session. Please note which seminar(s) you would like to attend.

Applications should be sent to

Mark Pokorski
UCLA Center for Modern & Contemporary Studies
310 Royce Hall, Box 951461
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1461

Application deadline

February 10, 2005.

Further inquiries can be directed to
Mark Pokorski at the Center for Modern & Contemporary Studies, at phone (310) 825-9581 or email

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