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Concordia Language Villages

Concordia Language Villages

Program Overview:
Mori no Ike offers young people an unforgettable journey through Japanese language and culture. You and your hashi (chopsticks) become quick friends as you enjoy authentic cuisine such as gohan (rice), noodles, miso soup, tofu, sakana (fish), or nori (seaweed). The martial arts of judo, karate or kendo are popular. In small- and large-group language sessions you can experience traditional activities such as origami (paper folding), ikebana (flower arranging), sumi-e (ink painting), ocha (tea ceremony), odori (folk dancing) or shodo (calligraphy), and the pop culture of modern Japan. Taiko drumming is cool and a big hit with all villagers! Counselors bring to life the cultural festivals of Tanabata (the star festival) and Obon (summer holidays) in evening programs. Join us at Mori no Ike, where you can experience both traditional ways and modern lifestyles, all through the Japanese language.

one week - one month programs for each age

$575 - $5,600 (early application: $200 discount)

Mori no Ike
concordia language village

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