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Stanford University:Asian Summer Language Program 2004

Stanford-Peking University Program

Stanford - Peking University Program
Program Overview:
The Stanford-Peking University program combines an intensive five-week language program at Stanford University (June 22-July 23) with a four-week practicum in Chinese at Peking University in Beijing, China (July 26 - August 20). Intensive Chinese is offered at the first, second, and third year levels. At Peking University, there are five levels of instruction based on proficiency. Each course is equivalent to one year instruction. Classes meet for four hours of instruction, Monday through Friday.

Curriculum: Classes are taught by faculty from Stanford University and Peking University. During the first five weeks at Stanford, students achieve a foundation of linguistic skills which prepares them for the second half of the program. To maximize the unique language opportunity in Beijing, each student is assigned a language partner. In addition, students are required to complete a language project commensurate with his/her level of Chinese. Curriculum books and materials include: A New Perspective: Context, Function, and Structure for first-year Chinese, A New Text for a Modern China, and Zhongji Hanyu Kouyu for the second-year class (all by Peking University Press). Third-year Chinese textbooks are compiled by the instructor. An optional 3-Day weekend tour will be organized by Peking University.

Course Descriptions:
5. Intensive First-Year Modern Chinese 8 units
Conversation, reading, grammar, and elementary composition.

25. Intensive Second-Year Modern Chinese 8 units
Further study in grammar, reading conversation, and composition. Students acquire all the basic language skills necessary to function effectively in a Chinese-speaking environment and to read both traditional and simplified characters.

105. Intensive Third-Year Modern Chinese 8 units
An introduction (using annotated texts) to newspapers, documents, and belles letters.

Credit: Students will receive a total of 15 units: 8 units of credit from Stanford University for the five-week course, and 7 units of transfer credit from Peking University. Non-Stanford students must arrange for credit transfer to their home institution.

Program Fee:
Tuition for the entire program is approximately $5,600. Airfare, room and board are not included. At both Stanford and Peking universities, students stay on campus in student dormitories. The five-week rate for housing at Stanford is approximately $700. The rate for double occupancy is estimated at $300 per person for 28 nights in Beijing during the program (the rate may be higher or lower depending on the exchange rate).

Application Process:
Applications (with one letter of recommendation and personal statement) are due April 2. Space is limited. Letters of admission will be sent out around April 15. A deposit of $900 (which includes program fee, visa fees, Peking University tuition, and lodging in China) is due by May 15 for those accepted. The remainder is due on or before June 21. Cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellation fees follow Stanford Summer Session policy. No full refunds are possible after June 22, 2004. Applicants must be 18 years or older. No auditors.

Participants are required to have a valid passport the first day of class, and to carry accident and health insurance.

For further information, please contact:
Stanford Language Center
Asian Summer Language Program
Building 30, Main Quad
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305-2015
Tel (650) 723-6355
Fax (650) 725-9377
E-mail: Language Center (

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