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International Predissertation Fellowship Program

Social Science Research Council


The program provides an opportunity for the most promising graduate students in discipline-based doctoral programs to pursue training that will prepare them to conduct theoretically sophisticated dissertation research on the developing world that is informed by knowledge of local language, history, and culture.

The IPFP invited applications for twelve-month training fellowships to prepare for eventual dissertation research in Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus, China, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Near and Middle East, South Asia or Southeast Asia.

An annual Fellows' Conference and workshops in the developing world provide opportunities for IPFP fellows to discuss theoretical, methodological and practical problems of conducting research in the developing world in interdisciplinary fora including current and former fellows as well as experienced scholars and their peers in the international social science community.


IPFP Fellowships are intended primarily for students of disciplines in which there is limited attention to the role of culture as a factor in social science research, i.e. economics, political science, sociology and psychology, who wish to consider a career in teaching and research on the developing world.

There are no citizenship requirements for the fellowships, but foreign nationals are discouraged from proposing to study their own culture.

Standard Fellowships: Full-time students working toward a Ph.D. in economics, sociology, political science, psychology, history, anthropology, geography, demography, or a sub field thereof, are invited to apply for a Standard Fellowship. The optimal candidate for a Standard Fellowship has an outstanding academic record - or promise thereof in the core curriculum of the discipline and proposes a training program that will provide the knowledge of local language, history and culture that is necessary to develop a context-sensitive research project.

Advanced Disciplinary Training (ADT) Fellowships: Only full-time students working toward a Ph.D. in economics, political science, sociology and psychology are invited to apply for the ADT Fellowships. This fellowship is available to students who have exceptionally strong area studies backgrounds and wish to acquire advanced training in theory and/or methodology.


All awards may include tuition, a living stipend, and medical/health insurance coverage. Standard Fellowships also include an international travel allowance and provide supplemental funds for financial dependents, subject to program guidelines. Awards will be announced in late March 2001 for activation in June or September 2001. Concurrent funding is prohibited, unless approved by the program director.


December 15, 2000 - Applications must be received by this date.

Application and for more information

Applications are to be submitted to the University Representative, Telisa Boston and are available in 1252 Murphy Hall.

From Off-campus
Telisa Boston
UCLA Graduate Division
1252 Murphy Hall Box
951419 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1419
Phone (310) 206-8743

From On-Campus Telisa Boston Graduate Division 1252 Murphy hall Campus - 141901

Return the original and seven (7) copies of everything in this application, except transcripts by the deadline date. The application requires 1 official transcript from each university attended.

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