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Spencer Dissertation Fellowships

Spencer Dissertation Fellowships Program


The Dissertation Fellowships Program seeks to encourage a new generation of scholars from a wide range of disciplines and professional fields to undertake research relevant to the improvement of education. The Foundation believes that insight from many research traditions can contribute to an understanding of education as a fundamental human endeavor and advance our ability to address significant current issues in education. Therefore, the Spencer Dissertation Fellowships support individuals whose dissertations show potential for bringing fresh and constructive perspectives to the history, theory, or practice of formal or informal education anywhere in the world.

Funding Priorities. Although the dissertation topic must concern education, graduate study may be in any academic discipline or professional field. Inthe past, fellowships have been awarded to candidates in anthropology, architecture, art history, economics, education, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, political science, public health, psychology, religion, and sociology, but eligibility is not restricted to these academic areas. Candidates should be interested in pursuing further research in education once the doctorate is attained.


Applicants must be candidates for the doctoral degree in any field of study at a graduate school in the United States; however, applicants need not be citizens of the United States. These fellowships are not intended to
finance data collection or the completion of doctoral course work, but rather to support the final analysis of the research topic and the writing of the dissertation. For this reason, all applicants must document that they will have completed all pre-dissertation requirements by June 1 of the year in which the fellowship is awarded, and must provide a clear and specific plan for completing the dissertation within a two-year time frame.


Approximately 30 non-renewable fellowships will be awarded. Recipients of the fellowships will receive $20,000 to support completion of the dissertation. This amount must be expended within a time limit of two years and in accordance with the work plan provided by the candidate in the application. Fellows may not accept employment other than as described (if any) in the application nor may they accept other awards
providing duplicate benefits without the written permission of the Program Officer.


Completed applications and supporting materials must be postmarked by October 20, 1999.

Application and for more information
Application packets for the 2000 -- 2001 academic year will be available starting July 1, 1999.The application changes every year. Please be sure to obtain a copy of the current application form. Fellowship applicants must request current application forms and instructions by October of the year prior to the year in which the fellowship takes effect. Students must submit their completed applications by a mid-October date designated in each year. Awards are announced in April.

Inquiries concerning the Dissertation Fellowship Program should be addressed to:
Dissertation Fellowship Program,
The Spencer Foundation,
875 North Michigan Avenue,
Suite 3930,
Chicago, Illinois 60611-1803.
(312) 337-7000

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