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Korean Literature Translation Fellowship Program

International Communication Foundation (ICF)

Program Overview

The Korean Literature Translation Fellowship Program was established to provide prospective translators with financial assistance for studying at Korean universities or at their home institutions to develop their skills as translators of Korean Literature. The important function is to cultivate translators of Korean literature, with the long-term goal of introducing Korean literature abroad.


- Applicants
Applicants must be native speakers of English or Korean nationals granted foreign residency status who are currently engaged in M.A. or Ph.D. studies in Korean literature, English literature, or Creative writing in an academic institution, whether in Korea or in an English-speaking country, or have received admission for such studies.

- Recommendation
Each applicant should submit a recommendation letter from a professor of Korean literature, English literature, or Creative writing in any university department.


One year, renewable

Grant Amount

- Korean fellowship
Two million Korean won per month

- Overseas fellowship
A quarterly stipend of US$5,000

Application Materials

- A completed application form (obtained from ICF) and a sealed letter of recommendation
- A letter, in either Korean or English, explaining the applicant's interest in Korean literature and translation including any particular reasons for wanting to enter the field, current activities, and future plans.
- A curriculum vitae in either Korean or English.
- Official transcripts for all university studies, both undergraduate and graduate.
- A copy of a score report or completion certificate for any Korean language training program, if any.
- An English translation of approximately 5 printed pages of one of the following Korean literary works (please check website)
If the work is unavailable locally, a copy of the work can be requested from ICF.

Application Deadline

All applications and support materials must be received by ICF postmarked no later than September 30, 2006.

Selection Criteria

Korean language ability and translation skills, knowledge and understanding of Korean literature and culture, and a related translation or studies proposal.

Announcement of Results

The results of the selection will be announced by mid-November of 2005.

Other Requirements

During the term of the Fellowship, domestic program fellows must either be affiliated with a Korean university or pursue research under the supervision of a faculty advisor residing in Korea, and overseas program fellows must be affiliated with a program of M.A. or Ph.D. studies.
The submitted applications and support materials will not be returned to applicants after the screening.

To request application forms, write to

The Korean Literature Translation Fellowship Program
The International Communication Foundation
56-15, Jongno 2-ga, Jongno-gu
Seoul 110-122, Korea

Telephone: 82+2 2280-7233 / Fax : 82+2 2269-4310 / E-mail:

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