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Minority Fellowship Program

American Sociological Association (ASA)

Program Summary

Through its Minority Fellowship Program (MFP), the American Sociological Association (ASA) supports the development and training of sociologists of color in mental illness and disorders and related co-morbidities (i.e., alcohol and drug abuse). Funded by a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the MFP seeks to attract talented students interested in mental illness and disorders issues and to facilitate their placement, work, and success in graduate programs throughout the U.S.

Sociological research on mental health and mental illness is germane to core areas of emphasis within the NIMH specifically, and the National Institutes of Health more generally. Research on the social dimensions of mental illness and disorders includes attention to prevention and to causes, consequences, adaptations, and interventions.


MFP applicants can be new or continuing graduate students. However, the MFP is primarily designed for minority students entering a doctoral program in sociology for the first time or for those who are in the early stages of their graduate programs. MFP applicants must be applying to or enrolled in sociology departments that have strong mental illness research programs and/or faculty who are currently engaged in research focusing on mental health issues.

MFP Fellows are selected on the basis of their commitment to research in mental illness, academic achievement, scholarship, writing ability, research potential, financial need, and racial/ethnic minority background. Specifically, applicants must be members of one of the following racial/ethnic groups: Blacks/African Americans, Latinos/as (e.g., Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans), American Indians or Alaskan Natives, and Asians (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian), or Pacific Islanders (e.g., Hawaiian, Guamanian, Samoan, Filipino). Fellows must be citizens or non-citizen nationals of the United States, or have been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence and have in their possession an Alien Registration Card.


An annual stipend of $20,772 is provided. In addition, arrangements for the payment of tuition will be made with universities or departments.


January 31, 2005


Print and carefully review all four of the pdf downloadable files. The four pdf files consist of a letter from the Minority Fellowship Program Director, the MFP application, letters of recommendation form (please print 3 copies), and an expertise form. All application materials must be submitted to our office in one (1) package by the deadline. A complete application package consists of:

A. Fellowship application
B. Essay/s
C. Three (3) letters of recommendation
D. Transcript/s
E. Other supporting but optional documents (e.g., curriculum vitae or resume, research papers published or presented at professional conferences, GRE scores.)

For more information:

ASA Minority Affairs Program
American Sociological Association
1307 New York Avenue NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005-4701

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