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Political Change in the European Union - CALL FOR PAPERS

2005 Graduate Student Conference on the European Union

February 11-12, 2005
University of California, Los Angeles

Sponsored by:
UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies

Frequent constitutional changes in the European Union over the past decade and the most extensive enlargement in EU history underscore the notion that the EU is a complex and ever-changing political system. Member States must address common policy challenges and find European and domestic solutions to them. The various aspects of political change in the EU and its Member States encourage an exchange of views from multiple academic disciplines, including political science, history, sociology and economics. In addition to the substantive interest in the subject, new and innovative methodologies are being employed to study the EU. Paper topics should address any aspect of political change in the EU (or in one or several Member States). Possible issues that can be covered include:

  • Europe's boundaries and the idea of Europe
  • Constitutional & institutional changes in the EU and in the Member States
  • European elections and political parties
  • Changing EU policies and policymaking
  • Justice and home affairs: security and immigration
  • European foreign and security policy
  • Changing relations between Member States
  • Enlargement
  • EU federalism
  • Future of the Euro
  • Fiscal politics in the European Union

Keynote speech: Professor Simon Hix, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Graduate students at universities in California working on the European Union are encouraged to submit proposals (political science, economics, sociology, and history) by December 15, 2004. Participants will present a conference paper, receive feedback on their work-in-progress and have the opportunity to connect to other scholars with similar research interests. The conference should encourage future collaboration among graduate students within and across disciplines and specializations. The proposal must include a title, a one-page abstract, name, email and mailing addresses, institutional affiliation, and a brief biography. Up to 30 participants will be accepted to the conference. The conference will offer a keynote speech and a roundtable discussion. Conference participants will be hosted by UCLA students. Financial support to subsidize travel expenses is available.

All proposals should be sent to Sven-Oliver Proksch (

Contact Information:
Sven-Oliver Proksch
Department of Political Science
4289 Bunche Hall Los Angeles, CA 90095-1472


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