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Civil Rights Challenges Around the World Will Be Highlighted

On Friday, May 3, scholars from several Southern California universities will gather at the UCLA Faculty Center to discuss civil rights issues in light of recent events.

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This CERS conference brings together scholars to discuss civil rights challenges in light of recent events, including tradeoffs between national security and the protection of internationally recognized civil rights, and international challenges to the protection of human rights.  It is funded by the US Department of Education, as part of the Southern California Consortium on International Studies (SOCCIS). 

10am – 12 Noon:  Civil Rights in Europe and the US

* Rights, Free Movement and Borders: Migrants in the European Union
 Professor Adrian Favell , Sociology, UCLA

* Recent Changes in Civil Rights in Germany
 Visiting Professor Rainer Eisfeld, Political Science, UCLA, University of Osnabrück, Germany

* Civil Liberties vs Homeland Security
 Professor Scott Bowman Political Science, California State University Los Angeles

1:30pm – 4pm: Civil Rights in the Middle East

* Islamic Law and Human Rights
 Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl, Law UCLA

* Women’s Rights in the Middle East
 Professor Laurie Brand,  International Relations, USC

The conference will take place at the UCLA Faculty Center, Hacienda Room.  It is open to the public and parking will be available in Lot 2 (Hilgard-Westholme entrance, tell the attendant you are there for the Civil Rights conference).

For more information call the Center for European & Russian Studies at (310) 825-4060 or visit the CERS website.


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