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Faculty Research

CNES awards small grants to faculty for graduate student assistance in their research:

Giorgio Buccellati (NELC, Archaeology). “A Hurrian Passage to the Underworld,” an article on a necromantic ritual in the third-millenium-BC Hurrian capital of Urkesh (modern Tell Mozan, Syria). Graduate Assistant: John A. Lynch.

Elizabeth Carter (NELC). Production of archaeological plans and sections based on drawings done at the 6th-millennium-BC site of Domuztepe in southeastern Turkey, for a forthcoming publication in Paléorient. Graduate Assistant: Jeff Szuchman.

Peter Cowe (NELC). Digitization of a corpus of letters by the 14th-century Armenian scholar Esayi Nchets’i for inclusion in a critical edition with annotated translation and introduction focusing on Armenian relations with the Papacy, 1280-1350. Graduate Assistant: Liana Vardanyan.

Robert Englund (NELC). Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative. Preparation of a preliminary version of CDLI’s catalog of cuneiform tablets in the National Museum of Iraq. Graduate Assistant: Jeff Szuchman.

James Gelvin (History). Preparation and selection of documents, photos and maps for the forthcoming publication of The Modern Middle East: A Concise History. Graduate Assistant: Howard Eissenstat.

Gayane Hagopian (NELC). “The Spread and Distribution of Original Armenian Proverbs Among Diaspora Armenians.” Preparation of a questionnaire and interviewing subjects to identify the 100 best- known proverbs for a chapter on the language of proverbs in Barriers Against the Wisdom of Old Ages. Graduate Assistant: Tamar Boyadjian.

Sondra Hale (Anthropology, Women’s Studies). Research for “Gender and Identity: Dilemmas and Contradiction? Arab-Muslim Women,” an article exploring the various ways in which Muslim (especially Arab) women self-identify, with special reference to religion. Graduate Assistant: Azza Basarudin.

Ghislaine Lydon (History). Scanning and cataloging photographs of 19th-century Arabic-language documents collected in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania for an online archive of Arabic historical material. Graduate Assistant: Awet Weldemichael.

Gabriel Piterberg (History). Collection and classification of materials for a proposed book on Myths, Politics and Scholarship in Israel, a critical interpretation of the foundational myths of Zionism, their articulation in the colonization of Palestine and in the nature of the state of Israel, and the extent to which they have shaped Israeli politics and culture. Graduate Assistant: Kent Schull.

Ismail Poonawala (NELC). Preparation of a critical edition of the Adiyat of the Fatimid Caliph Imam al-Muizz, a work that fully expounds his reform of Ismaili doctrines and provides an interpretation of the tenets held by the pre-Fatimid Ismailis. Graduate Assistant: Jamal Ali.

Allen Roberts (World Arts and Cultures, African Studies Center). Research on “Calligraphy and an Architecture of the Word in Senegal and Egypt,” a comparison of the form and uses of a calligraphic script created by a Senegalese Sufi and the Arabic scripts of his Egyptian counterparts. The script serves Senegalese devotional practice; its active nature is compared to medieval and contemporary devotional practices in the shrine of Sayyida Nafisa in Cairo. Graduate Assistant: Aliaa El Sandouby.

William Schniedewind (NELC). Collecting, collating and grammatically tagging Aramaic and Phoenician inscriptions in the Northwest Semitic Inscriptions electronic database project. Graduate Assistant: Moise Isaac.

Hossein Ziai (NELC). Identification of key passages dealing with the philosophical proposition relating to the unified nature of idrak (the most general cognitive mode) and the question of self-knowledge in Arabic and Persian philosophical traditions. Graduate Assistant: Ahmed Alwishah.

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