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Survey of Arabic Literature

New course surveys Arabic literature beginning with works from the jahili period.

Michael Cooperson (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures) launched a multi-term survey of Classical Arabic Literature in Fall 2003. The series is planned for “three years and possibly more, depending on how close to the present we want to go,” he said. Students volunteered high praise for the professor and for the course which provides a solid foundation for further research, notably in History, Islamic Studies and NELC. The focus this term is on jahili poetry, supplemented by readings in anthropology, literary criticism and history. In Winter 2004 the course will focus on the Qur’an, Hadith, Sirah and Tafsir literature, and in Spring term on the political oratory, love poetry, lexicography and grammar of the Umayyad period. Academic year 2004-05 will be devoted to the literature of the Abbasids and al-Andalus.

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