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The Other Within

Tenth Annual Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies, May 3, 2003.

The myth of a single, homogeneos Japanese people continues to be challenged. Marginalized voices have been raised within Japan by the disabled, feminists, lesbians, Koreans, Ainu, "burakumin," and followers of new religions, among others. Historically, how have such people expressed difference, or experiences of oppression or supression? How do their voices continue to be manifested in areas such as literature, religion art, and law? In what ways are they silenced, supressed, ignored, or altered?

Panels Participants
Opening Remarks
Panel 1: Constructing the Other
  • Puck Brecher, USC
    "Reassessing the Kijin (eccentric) as 'Other' in Bakumatsu Japan"
  • Manuel Yang, U Toledo
    "Shinjin, Asian Agricultural Commune, The Historical Origins of Burakumin"
  • Yoshihiro Mochizuki, University of Hawaii
    "Alienation in Nakagami Jenji's The Very First Incident "
  • Discussant, Professor Seiji Lippit, University of California at Los Angeles
Panel 2: Assimilation and Resistance
  • Naomi Inagaki, San Francisco State
    "Invisiblity of Japanese 'Comfort Women'"
  • Michael Strausz, University of Washington
    "Political Opportunities and Zainichi Korean Social Movements "
  • Tze May Loo, Cornell University
    "Paradise Okinawa: Colonizing the Other Within"
  • Discussant, Professor Miriam Siverberg, University of California at Los Angeles
Panel 3: Teaching the Other
  • Christopher Frey, Indiana University
    "Ainu Education 1868-1930: Education for Extinction"
  • Christopher Bondy, University of Hawaii
    Topic: Grassroots Approach to Buraku Issues at the Junior High Level
  • Yuko Okubo, UC Berkeley
    "Ethnographic Study of Multicultural Education and the Production of Ethnic 'Others'"
  • Discussant, Professor Millie Creighton, University of British Columbia
Panel 4: Voices of the Other
  • Kyle Ikeda, University of Hawaii
    "Spirit Stuffing, War Memory, and Modernization in Contemporary Okinawa Fiction"
  • Lee, University of Minnesota
    "Reading Outside The Zenshu: When the Masculine Other is a Woman, Little Known Stories by Enchi Fumiko"
  • Discussant, Professor Edward Fowler, University of California at Irvine

Steering Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Cullen (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Ann-Marie Davis (History)
  • William Dunbar (EALC)
  • Yeun -jee Song (History)
  • Hisayo Suzuki (EALC)
  • Michiko Takeuchi (History)

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