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Japan the Making of a Nation

Fourth Annual Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies, April 19, 1997.

The symposium committee welcomes proposals from all academic disciplines which attempt to view Japanese culture, society, politics, and economy in relation to the process of nation-building. Cross-cultural and comparative approaches are welcome.

Panel Participants
Opening Remarks
Making of Japanese Culture
  • Julia Yenne, Art History, University of Washington
    "Meiji Period Reappraisal of late Edo Period Painting: The Building of Japanese National Identity and its Impact on the Meiji Art World"
  • Raymond R. Moser, History, UCLA
    "Confucian Cross-Dressing: The Continuity of the Ideal Victorian Womanhood in Meiji Educational Discourse"
  • Commentator: Professor Ken Brown, University of Southern California
National Identity and Modernity
  • Cris Reyns, University of Colorado
    "Tanizaki's Perverse Historical Un-Making of Japanese Nationalism"
  • James Dorsey, Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington
    "Kobayashi Hideo's Resurrection of a Pre-Modern Epistemology: Setting the Stage for 'Overcoming the Modern'"
  • Leighanne K. Yuh, EALC, UCLA
    "Education and The Construction of a Colonial Identity in 1920's Korea"
  • Commentator: Professor Michael Boutdaghs, UCLA
Ethnicity in Postwar Japan
  • Ann Kaneko, Production/Directing, UCLA
    "Japanese Media Coverage and the Gaikokujin New Comer"
  • Takeyuki Gaku Tsuda, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
    "Communities Real and Imagined: Japanese Brazilian Return Migration and the Formation of Ethnic Minority Network Enclaves"
  • Marvin D. Sterling, Anthropology, UCLA
    "Cultural Africanity and Internationalization in Contemporary Japan"
  • Commentator: Professor Wesley Sasaki-Uemura, University of Utah
Public Space, the Media and Subjectivity
  • Matthew Marr, MA, Sociology, Howard University (D.C)
    "Maintaining Autonomy: The Plight of the Japanese Yoseba and the American Skid Row"
  • Scott North, Sociology, UC Berkeley
    "Workplace Pathologies: The Social Epidemiology of Karoshi in Japan"
  • Jayson Makoto Chun, History, University of Oregon
    "A New Kind of Royalty: The Imperial Marriage in Postwar Japan"
  • Commentator: Professor Vistor Koschmann, Cornell University

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