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Internship Opportunities at Asia Institute

Apply now for various internships with the Asia Institute, AsiaMedia, or Asia Pacific Arts.

The Asia Institute offers a variety of different internship opportunities for undergraduates. Gain valuable research, writing, networking, and event management experience.

Asia Institute Internships

The Asia Institute and its member centers promote Asian Studies at UCLA and foster greater understanding of Asia through a wide variety of outreach activities including teacher training, curriculum development, public symposia, film series, and exhibitions. Interns work on a wide variety of projects, including promoting the study of Asia in schools, data gathering, and web resource development. To apply, contact Linda Truong at or (310) 825-0007.

AsiaMedia Internships

  • AsiaMedia is a daily online publication fostering greater understanding of new media developments throughout Asia and the Pacific.
  • Learn to evaluate, analyze and synthesize information quickly; write news stories, reviews and profiles; conduct Interviews; and research media issues. To apply, contact Angilee Shah at or (310) 825-0007.

Asia Pacific Arts Internships

  • Just a year old, the biweekly web magazine Asia Pacific Arts has already developed a large readership for its exploration of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment. Features explore cross-medium interplay, interaction across cultures, and innovative blends of old forms and techniques with newer ones. The web magazine goes where print cannot -- delivering streaming audio and video interviews, film clips, and music samples.
  • Interns do a variety of things at APA. They develop story ideas, locate and pursue contacts, conduct interviews and other research, write stories, reviews, and profiles; conduct interviews; and attend entertainment-related events. Other interns work on design, logistics, building readership, and locating sponsors. To apply, contact Chi Tung at or (310) 825-0007.

These internships are unpaid.

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