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Migration and Urbanization Patterns in Latin America

Migration and Urbanization Patterns in Latin America

July 23-27, 2012 - Professional development opportunity for K-12 educators interested in incorporating Latin American themes into their curriculum.

The UCLA Latin American Institute announces its latest professional development opportunity for K-12 educators interested in incorporating Latin American themes into their curriculum. “Beyond Borders: Migration and Urbanization Patterns in Latin America” is a 5-day workshop that will consider the historical, social, and economic factors of migration and urbanization in the region and their global effects. Participants will be led by academic experts, providing educators with an overview of cases of migration to, from, and within Latin America and how these processes provide a wealth of information for educators to study and understand the background and experiences of both sending and receiving communities. 

In addition to the rich themes presented in this workshop, participants will benefit from curriculum development sessions that will enhance curriculum materials and develop pertinent lesson plans that can be used in the classroom.



July 23-27, 2012
Monday- Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm


Open to K-12 educators. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants


The seminar fee of $80 includes registration, accreditation, parking, refreshments and educational materials.
(fee is non-refundable)

A note about accreditation:
In this workshop, K-12 educators participate in a selected cohort led by leading scholars in the humanities, and social sciences; thus educators will be reconnected to the world of scholarship.
During the workshop, participants are expected to be actively involved and immerse themselves in scholarly topics presented in this workshop. As a result, teachers are required to complete a curriculum development project that incorporates learned material into standards-based lesson plans centered on the workshop's themes.

After successfully attending and completing the assignments provided, participants could receive 2 LAUSD salary credits*
*LAUSD approved

A preliminary schedule will be available shortly

Registration will be open on June 11, 2012 !

Before you submit your application, you will need to register for an account. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Register for an account here
  2. Apply here!
    Please note that before applying, you need to complete a brief 3min questionnare. The link is provided on the last paragraph of the online application. A code would be provided when you complete the questionnaire to start your application form.


Submitting your application does not guarantee a seat in the workshop. Once you submit your application, you’ll be contacted for a brief phone interview with the outreach coordinator. Priority will be given to educators that are currently teaching and have not previously attended a LAI K12 workshop.

Registration will be open until July 16, 2012

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