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West Africa Research Association Fellowships and Internships

Summer Minority Student Internships

Summer Minority Student Internships are being offered in West Africa in an effort to increase the active participation of minorities in international affairs (African-Americans, Asians, Eskimo or Aleut, Native American Indians, Mexican Americans, Native Pacific Islanders, Puerto Ricans). Internships will be awarded to those who, in the judgment of the review panel, have demonstrated ability and potential to succeed in international studies, and have a genuine interest in African Affairs. Students without previous foreign travel are encouraged to submit applications. This internship program has been funded by a grant from the United States Department of Education. The competition is open to U.S. citizens who are enrolled in the M.A. program of an accredited college or university in the United States. 

For more information go to the  West Africa Research Association website located at or contact WARA at:

Boston University
African Studies Center
270 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215

tel: (617)353-8902
fax: (617)353-4915
email: Jennifer Yanco at

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