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Qur'an and Elocutionary Union in the Alhambra

A lecture by Richard Serrano, Rutgers University

Richard Serrano's current research projects in Arabic Literature include a compilation and translation of the seventh-century poet Jamil's diwan and a study of the relationship between poetry in Egyptian and Tunisian protest movements and Classical Arabic tropes of complaint. In East Asian Literatures he is conducting research on women and eighteenth-century poetry in China and Korea (which also involves a great deal of translation). Projected research projects include a study of the intersection of Chinese and Arab cultures with music, art and literature in Hapsburg Vienna; resituating contemporary poetry of the Maghreb in a Mediterranean (rather than a "postcolonial") context, which entails the work of poets from Spain, France, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon and eventually Greece, Turkey, Israel (and perhaps even Albania and Croatia). A study that somehow combines a teasing-out of literary relations between Argentina and France in the nineteenth century along with an exploration of regional music and dance of Argentina is also forming.

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