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CERS Welcomes Visiting Scholars

From the European Union to the Interlinguistic Study of the News

Vera Wheeler Email VeraWheeler

The Center for European and Russian Studies will host two international visiting scholars during the spring quarter of 2002. CERS Visiting Scholars contribute to the further internationalization of the UCLA community.

Professor Renaud Dehousse, Jean Monnet Professor at the Institute of Political Science in Paris, will present lectures on the European Union and meet with faculty and students during his stay at UCLA from April 15-23, 2002. Dehousse works in a leading capacity within the European Union. He is also Director of the Center for European Studies at Sciences Po and Scientific Director of the “Notre Europe Team.”  His main work has been on comparative federalism, institutional problems of the European Communities and the development of a pattern of European governance in various policy areas. His current research focuses on the dynamics of European integration and on the influence of integration on the administrative structures of EU Member States. His work attempts to identify the relation between the legal aspects of integration and developments at the economic and political level.

CERS will also sponsor the visit of Russian language researcher, Anatole Shaikevich, of the Russian Language Institute to the UCLA campus in the Spring of 2002. Mr. Shaikevich, who will be hosted by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, will present a workshop on the interlinguistic statistical comparison of newspapers, as well as lectures on his research methods and recent changed in the Russian language.

For information about the time and place of specific events, please see the CERS events calendar: 

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