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Exercises for I'm good at

1. Listen to the videos again without looking at the transcript, and complete the following sentences.

a. Tommy:      Saya pandai bermain _____________ __________________ .(basketball)

b. John:           Saya pandai __________________________. (drawing)

c. Nadaa:        Saya pandai _____________________ _________________. (playing piano)

d. Nadia:         Aku pandai ___________________________. (dancing)


2. Respond to the following question in Bahasa Indonesia.

a. (sports) Anda pandai bermain apa? Saya pandai bermain __________________.

b. (music) Kamu pandai bermain apa? Aku pandai ____________ _____________.

c. (other skills) Kamu pandai apa? Aku pandai ____________________________.


Skills and Activities

bermain gitar   = to play guitar
bermain piano  = to play piano
berolahraga      = to exercise, to play sports
bermain (bola) basket = to play basketball
bermain tenis = to play tenis
berenang = to swim
naik kuda = to ride a horse
naik sepeda     = to ride a bike
menari = to dance
menyanyi = to sing
masak  = to cook
menggambar = to draw
melukis = to paint


3. The word for hobby in Bahasa Indonesia is hobi. Respond to the following questions in Bahasa Indonesia.

A. Apa hobi Anda?

B: Hobi saya ________________________ .

A:  Anda suka bermain apa?

B:  Saya suka _____________________ ____________________ .

A:  Kamu suka apa?

B:  Aku suka _____________________ dan ___________________ .

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