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Los Angeles - St. Petersburg Russian Folk Orchestra at UCLA

Meeting with Iryna Orlova and Anatoliy Mamalyga, the Los Angeles-St. Petersburg Russian Folk orchestra's professional directors and arrangers, who are both graduates of the famed Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music formerly known as the Kiev State (Tchaikovsky) Conservatory.

The Los Angeles-St. Petersburg Russian Folk Orchestra was organized to perpetuate a unique style of music recognized and loved world wide. Formed in 1995 as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation for the study and performance of music written and arranged for traditional Russian folk instruments such as the balalaika, domra, bayan, and gusli. The Los Angeles' Orchestra's goal and purpose is to educate the public through instruction, performance, and research. The Orchestra itself consists of 40 musicians interested in Russian folk instruments and their unique sound.

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