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Cultural Outreach

In order to promote broader intercultural understanding both within local Middle Eastern communities and between those communities and the UCLA and greater Los Angeles population the Center sponsors a wide array of academic and cultural activities each year.

These events aim to bring together UCLA students, faculty and staff, members of the Southern California academic community, Middle Eastern Americans and the general public. Past events include conferences, workshops, lecture series, films screenings, museum exhibitions, concerts, and dance performances that have explored the politics, history and cultures of the Middle East and broader Islamic world.

In the 2009-10 academic year, CNES will continue its cultural outreach through a series of concerts exploring the music of different regions and cultures; poetry recitations and readings with authors such as Gregory Orfalea; a photography exhibit at the Fowler Museum in the summer of 2010, a film series in conjunction with the UCLA Television and Film Archives; participation in the AFI Film Festival, Arab Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival; two continuing lecture series on the Historiography of the Middle East and the Bilingual Persian Lecture Series; an incredible number of lectures and conferences organized by faculty members across campus.

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