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The Marshes of Mesopotamia: Dried, Restored, Will it Last?

A public lecture by Azzam Alwash, CEO, Nature Iraq

Azzam Alwash was born in Iraq and spent much of his youth in Nasseriya on the fringes of the marshlands. He left Iraq in 1978 as a result of the policies of the Baathist regime, and completed his studies in California, where he worked for 20 years as a soils engineering consultant. In 1997, he became active in Iraqi expatriate politics, and is now on the Board of Directors of the Iraq Foundation, a DC based NGO, and a board of trustees member of the newly established American University of Iraq - Sulimani, and is the CEO of Nature Iraq, an Iraqi Environmental Research and Lobbying NGO which started as an outgrowth of the Eden Again project.

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