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The Burkle Center Celebrates Student Achievement in 2008-09
In May the Burkle Center held a luncheon at the Faculty Center for its affiliated students to celebrate their accomplishments and provide an opportunity for them to network with senior fellows and staff members.

The Burkle Center Celebrates Student Achievement in 2008-09

In May 2009 the Burkle Center held a luncheon at the Faculty Center to celebrate the four Belkin Scholarship Recipients and twelve intern program graduates.

2009 Belkin Scholarship Recipients

Alice Belkin Memorial scholarships provide need-based support to outstanding minority graduate students, who work in the fields of globalization, or international relations.

  • Tom Narins, Ph.D Candidate, UCLA Department of Political Geography
    Narins goal is to combinine his studies and work experience in China and Latin America to try to better understand the prospects of future economic and political developments in both of these regions. During the summer his research will include studying the port of Manta, Ecuador and determining the effects of Chinese investments in this region on both the local Ecuadorian population and on the workers involved in the Chinese shipping industry. Narins future career goal is to become a professor of political geography focusing on Chinese-Latin American international relations. Teaching is a field that enlivens Narins, during his first year of graduate school he taught a general education cluster seminar on China's environmental challenges to seventeen of UCLA's freshmen and found the experience inspiring and encouraging.
  • Amber Nicole Keyes, M.A. Candidate, UCLA Department of International Departmental Studies, African Studies Program
    Keyes is an accomplished scholared with experienece conducting historical archeological field work in the Bahamas and volunteer work with a non-profit organization that provides basic medical and educational services to street children and youth migrants in St. Louis, Senegal. Her MA research interests include the political economy of urbanization, development and diplomacy, specifically as it relates to African transnational migration to the US, (i.e., its political, social, economic, environmental mechanisms through which this is regulated). Keyes interests also center on transnational remittances as a source of financial support for sustainable development projects in North Africa, Francophone West Africa, and Ethiopia. Currently, she interns at the International Medical Corps USA, where she compiles and analyzes programs/projects that assist refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in fragile contexts (States) abroad. Upon completion of the MA in African Studies, Keyes hopes to pursue an additional MA in International Public Policy or International Affairs. Her professional goals/interests include international development (emphasis on Africa) aid, policy, and implementation, and international trade (emphasis on US-Africa; Europe; Africa; China-Africa trade relations).
  • Summer Hamide, J.D./M.P.H. Candidate, UCLA School of Law & UCLA School of Public Health
    Summer is a JD/MPH candidate at the UCLA School of Law & UCLA School of Public Health. After graduation, she will go on to work for the US State Department, the UN or another international relief organization.
  • Kim Yi Dionne, Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA Department of Political Science
    Kim is a PhD candidate at the UCLA Department of Political Science. She will complete her work as a Fulbright Scholar in Malawi and return to UCLA to finish her dissertation. Kim hopes to teach at a research university after graduating.

2008 - 2009 Burkle Intern Program Graduates

Throughout the academic year, Burkle Center interns gain significant experience in the theory and practice of international relations and related disciplines and reach out to interested students and student groups on campus. To learn more about the Burkle Center Internship Program click here.

  • Amber Bissell, Student Outreach Intern
  • Grant Borgelt, Event Facilitator Intern
  • Kelli Calloway, Event Facilitator Intern
  • Jessica Cameron, Student Outreach Intern
  • Cristiane Daguano, Graduate Research Intern (Focus: International Dispute Resolution with Anna Spain)
  • Akanksha Garg, Research Intern (Focus: general/as needed for the Center)
  • Jeff Jung, Research Intern (Focus: general/as needed for the Center)
  • Katie Keegan, Event Facilitator Intern
  • Matthew McKinney, Graduate Intern (Focus: Diplomacy and Modern Globalization topics with Kantathi Suphamongkon)
  • Priya Mohan, Graduate Research Intern (Focus: Responsibility to Protect Doctrine)
  • Mcah Peterson, Graduate Intern (Focus: Mediation & Dispute Resolution Teaching & Practices)
  • Patrick Weldon, Graduate Research Intern (Focus: Responsibility to Protect Doctrine)

To learn more about this year's Interns and where they are now, click here.

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