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UCLA Asian Languages and Cultures Summer Korean Language Courses

The ALC department is offering Korean language courses for summer 2009. This is a great opportunity for students (high school or college) to complete full year of college level language in 9 weeks.

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Korean language courses offered:
Korean 8. Elementary Korean: Intensive (15 units) (equivalent to Korean 1, 2, and 3; first year Korean)
Korean 10. Intermediate Korean: Intensive (15 units) (equivalent to Korean 4, 5, and 6; second year Korean)

Asian civilization lower division electives offered:
Korean 50. Korean Civilization (5 units) (UCLA GE area- historical analysis)

UCLA students should take the Korean placement test if they meet either of the following two categories:
(1) have background in Korean and want to enroll in a Korean language course
(2) need to fulfill the foreign language requirement (for one or two years) at UCLA.

If you have little or NO background in Korean, you may enroll in Korean 1/1A without taking the placement exam.
Auditing language courses is not permitted by the department.

Korean Placement Exam
Students must sign up for the placement exam in advance. Official online signups for the examination will be available a month before the exam date. The Placement Exam is usually held on the first week of instruction (week 0 for fall quarter; week 1 for winter and spring). Time and place will be announced on our website. Please check back a month prior to the start of the quarter.
There are no make-up exams. Students who miss the exam will have to wait until the next quarter offered.
Fall 2008 Placement Exam Schedule is available at:

Enrollment in a Korean language course
Once you are placed into a course, please wait until the quarter when the course is offered to contact the instructor of the course. To enroll in a Korean language course, please send an e-mail to the instructor with your name, SID, exam date, and results for a PTE number. Placement test scores are valid for two years.

See the Language Waiver and Placement Exam Policy webpage:

For the Asian Language and Cultures website, please visit
For more information about specific courses, please see the course descriptions at
To enroll, please see the Summer Sessions website:

For more info please contact:
Emily Le

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