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Web-based and Digital Projects at the UCLA International Institute

The UCLA International Institute builds the local and global networks of learning that prepare leaders to meet 21st-century challenges in every field of endeavor. We use our edge in information technology and web services to bolster our missions of teaching, research and service.

The Institute's Information Technology Services group supports National Resource Centers on Africa, East Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and the National Heritage Language Resource Center, and collaborates with the UCLA Center for International Business Education & Research. Following is a selection of web-based and digital projects at the Institute and these U.S. Department of Education–designated centers of excellence.

Collegiate Instruction

Cooperative Distance Learning Initiative UCLA sends and receives language courses over videoconferencing equipment to and from other UC campuses, expanding instruction in less commonly taught languages such as Czech, Danish, Filipino, Khmer, Hindi, Hungarian and Zulu.

The New Language Classroom provides a community space where language educators share how they are using technology to promote language learning.

Language Tutors provide learners of Azeri, Iraqi Arabic, and Turkish with authentic, self-paced instructional materials.

BOLCA: Business Online Language and Culture Application is a custom web application that facilitates language teaching and collaboration among instructors.

Research & Dissemination

HAPI: The Database of Latin American Journal Articles is the source for over 275,000 journal article citations about Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil and Latinos in the United States.

The Language Materials Project is an online bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 150 less commonly taught languages.

African Arts is a quarterly journal devoted to the plastic and graphic arts of Africa, architecture, arts of personal adornment, contemporary fine and popular arts, and the arts of the African diaspora.

The Heritage Language Journal provides a forum for scholars to advance knowledge about educating heritage speakers and the issues underlying the teaching and learning of heritage languages.

Precollegiate Outreach

GlobaLink–Africa is a free, year-long curriculum about globalization that aligns with California standards in history, social studies and English language arts.

OutreachWorld: A Resource for Teaching Kids About the World is a portal for exemplary K-12 international and area studies materials produced by National Resource Centers.

Gateway to the Less Commonly Taught Languages contains lesson plans and materials for teachers of languages such as Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Russian (Language Materials Project).

Listen and Learn video modules introduce Arabic, Persian, Turkish and other foreign languages, in cultural context, to secondary school history and social studies classes.

Campus Support

International Agreements A dedicated website showcases approved Memoranda of Understanding between UCLA and world institutions and guides faculty and staff through the process of building global ties.

Online databases and applications for Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) grants and other awards extend opportunities to students and scholars.

Web Tools is a content management system that facilitates rapid production by more than 100 content editors on over 25 websites.

Alumni profiles allow graduates of Interdepartmental Programs to stay connected with one another and provide a resource for current students who want to know what others did after earning International Institute degrees.

Public Education

The UCLA International Institute family of websites contains 24,000 articles, 7,000 event listings, more than 200 podcasts and dozens of videos that attract more than 1.5 million global visitors annually.

AsiaMedia is a daily online publication fostering greater understanding of new media developments throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Asia Pacific Arts, a biweekly online magazine, covers the dynamic worlds of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment.

LA Language World: a Global City Speaks is an online magazine that fosters understanding of the diverse linguistic communities in cosmopolitan Los Angeles and of the multiple paths of language knowledge.

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