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Smile Africa

In asking the question, whats missing for Africa to rise up and show its greatness and take account of the needs and fulfillment of its people, Smile Africa finds one such missing factor The African voice. The desire by the world to help Africa, though genuine in many respects, sometimes creates conditions, which drown the African voice in the development discourse. And this gives the perception that perhaps all Africans are wandering purblind on a dark continent.

We believe that because of some unfortunate historical and cultural circumstances, the African people have become more susceptible to prolonged poverty than any peoples group in the world. And yet, in terms of increasing success to the scale equal to the size of Africa’s problems, the African voice is an imperative and powerful factor.

As the people of the world continue to serve their fellow brothers and sisters in Africa ever generously, the work of native Africans must also be supported enthusiastically – to serve as role models and leaders who can perfect a healthier social order – even as part of pilot projects to prove themselves. Smile Africa International, led by Chris Ellom, a Canadian and native of Ghana, is one on many examples; striving energetically and overcoming great odds to help invest in the human capital of children and youth in the land of his birth.

Please join us to restore hope to those who have despaired of anything greater than their present lot; adding to their development the blessings of light, life and freedom that literacy offers.

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